Passive Income for Educators?

Points of the Horse Activity
Points of the Horse Activity.

Well I love to teach about horses.  This may be visible through my novel Horse Country, or the articles that I’ve written at

I’ve recently been shown the site TeachersPayTeachers.  This is an online place for educators to create, upload and provide resources to other teachers for free, or for a fee.

I love the idea of this: you can create a great resource, then other educators can download it to use with their students if the content is appropriate to what they’re teaching.

If you would like to test your knowledge on the points of the horse, why not take a look at a free resource that I’ve created for horse enthusiasts?  If you’re an educator who has actitives that you think others can benefit from giving to their students, why not consider signing up at TeachersPayTeachers?

I believe as a good educator, you can create resources that fit to your needs and share them with others but you can also benefit from resources others have made.  Why not take a look at the resources available for free and sale at my store?  They include:

If you’re an educator of horse studies or know of someone who is or would like to improve their horse knowledge, point them toward Teachers Pay Teachers!

“Even the greenest horse has something to teach the wisest rider.” – Author unknown