Pick My Equine Project

Recently I was made aware of Pick My Project as someone was asking for locals to vote for their project. It seems that this is an initiative of the Victorian Government here in Australia. It states on their site that there is “at least $1 million in funding available in each metro and regional area,” as a community grants initiative. Locals can vote for the projects that they feel would best benefit their local community. You can vote for up to three different projects within your community. And so I got to thinking: why not a Pick My Equine Project?

Pick My Equine Project | Equus Education
Pick My Equine Project | Equus Education

Rather than being based on location (although this is a possibility), it could instead be based on industry. And perhaps even the sponsors could come from various equine industries.  This may be racing, English, Equestrian or perhaps Western. Various groups and also individuals put together an idea that could benefit their industry.  Then people can vote for this.

The idea could:

  • relate to education of a particular aspect of the industry (like equine welfare sessions held for horse owners and carers)
  • be a free resource for horse people to utilise (like a pool at a local racetrack or a trail for pleasure riding)
  • relate to the setup of a new riding facility
  • even be to establish a network or group of horse professionals to tend to horse needs in the local community (like veterinary, farrier, massage, chiropractic, etc)

With Pick My Project, it happened in 5 stages:

  1. Submit your project (this was possible over a 3 month period)
  2. Projects reviewed
  3. Voting open (over a 1 month period)
  4. Projects selected
  5. Funding negotiation

Pick My Equine Project

With the project idea, the cost of the project needs to be listed as well as an outline of what the project entails. Pick My Equine Project could be a great way to further the equine industry relating to facilities, technology and education across the board. It’d just take a group of people to source funding and then promote the idea. Then it’d be up to other individuals to put forward their project ideas!

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