Pony Rescue (Wild About Horses) by Wendy Elks

Pony Rescue is a tale about four young people who ride together at Cottonwood Farm.  Sarah is the eldest.  Her parents own the property and her three friends Georgia, Simon and Becca each own horses.  They frequent Cottonwood Farm to ride and care for their equine friends and also spend time together.

Pony Rescue like Cottonwood Camp is in the Wild About Horses series by Wendy Elks.
Pony Rescue like Cottonwood Camp is in the Wild About Horses series by Wendy Elks.

Whilst out riding one day, Georgia spots an extremely emaciated pony.  It is in the back yard of a property they often ride past. Distraught, she gains the attention of her three friends. Although Georgia is the newest to riding and caring for horses, she knows this pony needs help.

Sarah who has the most experience confirms her fears. The girls soon hop the fence into the yard and go to inspect the pony. The owner of the pony meets their concern with anger.

When the four discover that this man doesn’t want the horse – and can’t care for her appropriately – they devise a plan to buy her and rescue her. Pony Rescue details their efforts to raise funds to save the mare they name Goldie.

Goldie’s journey to recovery from malnourishment and lack of care is detailed in this children’s tale. Although a book for pre-teens or early teens, the author points out factors that need to be considered for a rescue horse. The issues of hoof and teeth care, slow changes in diet and dealing with scours are all addressed.

Pony Rescue is a short, interesting read for the younger reader. As well as being factual, it highlights the value of children working together to achieve a goal. The importance of correct horse care and knowledge are also highlighted.

Author: Wendy Elks
Fiction – children
In My Library? Indeed it is, as a paperback copy.



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