Providing Grants for Horse Businesses

Recently we had a look at the idea of equine grants on Equus Education. I’d love to explore the other side of this, too. That is, providing grants for horse businesses. In fact, what if there was one place you could go to online that outlined various horse related grants available to the public?

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource
Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Imagine it. You plan to set up a horse organisation or venture that may be a not for profit. Or, you want to use horses to meet a need in the community. You know that if you are able to setup your horse related plan, you can do great things for locals – and do it with horses, too! But you need some funds to get things started.

If there was one place online that you could go to for this, it could be a great resource. Various grants could be listed based on localities, amounts available and what it’s available for. It could be to establish facilities for keeping horses or offering riding. It could be finances to help with buying needed products like horse riding gear, helmets, or even horse feed. Perhaps grants are available to establish a marketing campaign once your horse idea is setup.

Providing Grants for Horse Businesses as an Online Resource

Whatever it is, how great to be able to go to one place to find it. Perhaps this website could even have a set of questions that you answer to determine just how many grants may be applicable to your situation. For someone who has worked in the area of not for profits and who has a passion for horses, this may be a project that excites them. Plus, they’d have the know-how to be able to set it up.

For it to be an income earner for the person who provided such a valuable resource, they may have to consider paid advertising on the site. Or perhaps they can provide these resources to individual horse set ups at a monthly subscription fee.  Did someone say equine passive income stream? 😉

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