Saving Grace by Amanda Wills

I recently downloaded a copy of the short story Saving Grace by Amanda Wills.  This story features Poppy McKeever of the Lost Pony of Riverdale series.  In this novel, Poppy finds a black and white cob filly on the side of the road, hit by a car and left for dead.

Poppy is relieved when the vet comes to tend to the filly but this relief soon turns to dismay.  The vet will not treat the filly unless she knows that someone will cover the bill – and it won’t be a cheap bill.  How can a teenager raise thousands of pounds to help save a young horse?

Saving Grace is a great story that is wrapped up nicely.  Poppy works with the whole community to try to save the horse.  She learns about setting up and running an event and the novel highlights all that is involved in running a horse show.  It also focuses on the issue of equine flu and how an infectious horse disease can impact a whole community where horses are kept.

Saving Grace features many of the Lost Pony of Riverdale Series' characters | Equus Education
Saving Grace features many of the Lost Pony of Riverdale Series’ characters | Equus Education

Poppy’s best friend Scarlett features in the novel as well as Poppy’s family and other friends.  For those familiar with the Lost Pony of Riverdale series, they’ll enjoy this short story that encompasses the usual characters.  Saving Grace is an enjoyable read that is also factual about horses and horse care.  Highly recommended.

Author: Amanda Wills
Fiction – teen
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