Star of Wild Horse Canyon by Clyde Robert Bulla

Star of Wild Horse Canyon is a short read for the young horse fan. It features lovely illustrations by Grace Paull to help readers picture what is happening in the story. Young Danny enjoys his life living as a cowboy on his parents ranch, Starlight Ranch.

It’s at the start of the book that Danny’s Uncle Mack plants a seed in Danny’s mind. The pony he rides – Ginger – is getting small for him. Danny is growing into a big boy and will soon outgrow his pony. When Uncle Mack talks of a herd of wild horses that are nearby and his plan to catch them, Danny’s ears perk up. He is rapt when he and his friend Judy are able to go along with his father and uncle.

Star of Wild Horse Canyon by Clyde Robert Bulla | Equus Education
Star of Wild Horse Canyon by Clyde Robert Bulla | Equus Education

Over time Danny helps to build a trap for the wild horses. He rides with the other men, helping to drive the horses toward the yard where they will be caught. Amongst the thirty or so wild horses one horse stands out to Danny.

He is a white, proud horse and Danny is eager to have him as his own. When he voices this desire to his father and uncle, both try to dissuade him. In the end Danny agrees that a wild horse isn’t for him, but he can’t forget about the horse he’s named Star.

A surprise from his Uncle Mack is something Danny is thankful for. When he finds Star as his own, he works hard to befriend the horse. In time he is able to break him in. But even after they’ve established a bond, Danny is distraught to find his horse missing one day. Although he searches high and low, he cannot find Star anywhere. Danny has no idea where to look and questions if he needs to give up the dream of owning the white horse he first viewed in a herd of wild horses. Star of Wild Horse Canyon is an imaginative read for the younger reader. It features horses heavily and has a great theme of doing what is right.

Author – Clyde Robert Bulla
Fiction – children
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