Stay the Distance

Stay the Distance by Mara Dabrishus

July Carter appears older than her teenage years. Although she is finished with high school and due to be excited about starting college, she is instead putting off further study and insisting on staying working with the horses that her dad trains for racing.

Along with her older sister Martina, July is being raised solely by her father. Their mother left them four years prior, pursuing her dream to become a top jockey.

July is obsessed with the return of their mother and with following her racing career. She questions when she’ll have an opportunity to see her mother again – when her work will bring her back towards her two daughters and estranged husband.

Her mother and her future study plans aren’t the only uncertainties in July’s life. The wealthy family who employ her father to train their well bred horses has a big secret that could affect their racing future. The air feels uneasy and July is sure that changes are bound to occur – changes she won’t like.

Throw into the mix the smug, attractive son of the family that the Carter’s work for, and a hot tempered young thoroughbred that may be their only hope, and Stay the Distance is an enjoyable and realistic read. The author obviously knows her horses. Entertaining and realistic – a great read.

Author: Mara Dabrishus
Fiction – teen or adult
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“Machinery may make for efficiency and a standardisation of life, but horse love is a bond of freemasonry which unites the entire race…” – William Fawcett

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