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Evidence of Trust by Stacey Joy Netzel

I have recently been away on holiday with the family. Whilst my computer time was non existent, my kindle time was not. I was thankful for many free downloads over this time! Evidence of Trust is an entertaining mystery, thriller and romance with some great horse action thrown in.  Brittany is helping out at a friend’s property to help cover things over the busy tourist season.  She spends a lot of her time taking tourists out for rides in the nearby national park.

Evidence of Trust by Stacey Joy Netzel | Equus Education (Affiliate Link)
Evidence of Trust by Stacey Joy Netzel | Equus Education (Affiliate Link)

This property has free access to areas of the park that others would need a permit to visit.  Taking advantage of this, Brittany goes camping by herself to enjoy some quality time outdoors, go hiking and also be with her exceptionally well trained stallion.

It is on her planned relaxing trip that she has a run in with an unwelcome visitor, learns about a gruesome hunter in the park and also finds her plans suddenly turned upside down.  Upon first meeting the ranger that has been brought in to stop the sudden animal hunts and gruesome killings, Brittany is dismayed to find herself physically drawn to a man that pushes all her buttons when it comes to anger and being defensive.

As Brittany continues to work in the local area and take people out for rides in the park, she is frustrated to find that ranger Joel is never far away.  And she always seems to be doing the wrong thing as far as he is concerned.

Evidence of Trust builds nicely and has some genuinely easy to like characters.  The mystery is interesting and the horse side of things is spot on.  This was an enjoyable read with a great romance thrown in.

Author – Stacey Joy Netzel
Fiction – adult
In my library – as a digital copy.