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I truly love stumbling across businesses that focus on a particular skillset and add horses to it! Take the Reins Virtual Solutions is one such example. You may remember Alyssa as the author of Spike. Since releasing this non fiction book about her horse with lordosis, this mother and entrepreneur has set up quite an online presence!

Take the Reins Virtual Solutions focuses on administrative, website and social media assistance to business owners. What makes this business unique, is that it targets equine and agricultural businesses. As it states on the website:

“Take the Reins Virtual Solutions assists equine and agricultural industry business owners with a variety of administrative, website and social media tasks, so they can worry less about the books and get back to doing the work they love.”

Take the Reins Virtual Solutions | Equus Education
Take the Reins Virtual Solutions | Equus Education

Alyssa focuses on exclusively catering to small businesses within the equine and agricultural industries. And if you think about it, there are many of these! Horse riding schools, horse breeders on a smaller scale, those who train and race horses… family farms. The list goes on! How wonderful to be in contact with someone who knows and is skilled in an area that will help your business promote itself.

But what an added bonus that this person is also a horse lover and familiar with the equine industry. This is just another great example of using your skills – and your horse passion – to cater to a particular niche market. What’s to stop you from doing something similar?

Take the Reins Virtual Solutions

What I love about the online setup of Take the Reins Virtual Solutions is that Alyssa offers packages to equine and also agricultural small businesses. They’re set out at a predetermined price and are also able to be used up over a fortnight or a month. They cover a specific number of hours and Alyssa highlights what could be done with those hours for any business.

  • Support could come in the form of social media assistance,
  • website setup and maintenance
  • and of course administrative assistance

Alyssa can also manage email and phones for clients. For those who are unsure how a virtual assistant (VA) could help their business, she also outlines this in points on her front page. This seems to me a really effective and simple site.  It outlines what she does as well as how it can help equine and agricultural small business. Brilliant!

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