The Fang Mystery

Ship to Shore The Fang Mystery by Stephen Measday

As a young child I used to enjoy watching the Ship to Shore series. This novel written by Stephen Measday is set on Circe Island where the Ship to Shore children live and learn.

Young Gavin has a love of horses and finds himself quickly involved in protecting a famous racehorse. Someone has been trying to drug the horse so that she won’t race in the Melbourne Cup. Gavin has been included in the small group of people who are trying to hide and protect the mare.

The secret becomes bigger as an interesting plot unfolds and more of the Circe Island children find out about the horse. As more people become aware of ‘Jackie’ on the island, the kids question how they will keep this secret from getting out.

The story is questionable with regards to how Jackie is kept fit for such a big horse race, and how she qualifies for the Cup.  In spite of this, the Fang Mystery holds some amusing moments as a group of 12 year olds manage to outwit the local security guard; work out how to make a profit from manure that needs to be disposed of quickly and attempt to get their band known for its musical prowess.

Author – Stephen Measday
Fiction – children
In my library – It is; perhaps the only Ship to Shore story that is horse related.

“A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.” – Author unknown

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