The Horse Tales Literacy Project

A lot can be learnt about horses, and a lot can be learnt from them.

For those who aren’t aware, I’ve created a page for Equus Education on Facebook, and on this page am endeavouring to ‘like’ as many pages as I can find on Facebook that can encourage others to learn about horses and education.

The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

This may be through but not limited to:

  • group pages
  • organisations
  • foundations
  • courses
  • horse personalities
  • educational institutes

One such page is the Horse Tales Literacy Project.  This project focuses on “horses inspiring children to read and succeed.”

It is said on their website, “Horse Tales Literacy Project (formerly The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation) is an innovative partnership of educators, businesses, volunteers, educational foundations, and staff members focused on promoting literacy through the winning combination of live horses and classic horse literature.

I adore reading – particularly about horses.  And it is through reading that I came to learn about horses and pursue a career with them.

It is also through reading about horses that I came to love writing.  Horse fictional novels offer a chance for readers to dream big, experience adventure and learn.

The Horse Tales Literacy Project has come about on account of well known author, Walter Farley and his series, the Black Stallion.

The Horse Tales Literacy Project are aiming to reach 200 likes for Christmas.  Perhaps you can help by liking their page and making others aware of the organisation!  And while you’re at it – if you haven’t already – why not like Equus on Facebook?  I’m aiming for 100 likes by the new year!

“You can tell a gelding, you can ask a mare, but you must discuss it with a stallion.”

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