The Mustangers by Lauran Paine

So the local library has older books for sale cheap and I managed to pick up a couple of hard backed horse books for a few dollars each!  One of these is The Mustangers.

The Mustangers by Lauran Paine

Two men head out in autumn as is their routine each year, heading for northern Arizona. They get talked into helping catch some mustangs that have been competing with cattle for grazing and water.

After this stint of ‘mustanging’ they’re talked into moving onto Mexico to catch horses here for a dog food company. They get caught up in the daily lives of a small town that doesn’t have much entertainment.

Although mustanging proves to be fruitful in St. Teresa, the story doesn’t prove to be. The end is a bit of a let down to, seeming like the author didn’t know how to wrap up the story. You can read a more in depth version at suite101.

One unique feature about this hard back novel that I quite liked was it being printed in large print. This is the first book I’ve seen that caters to those who struggle with smaller print books.

Author: Lauran Paine
Fiction – Western.
In my library? The jury’s out on whether I’ll keep this one. It’s not a horse book that I really enjoyed, didn’t find very entertaining, interesting or amusing. Although there wasn’t a lot of it, the swearing infrequently found also led to my disappointment in this novel.


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