The Mystery of Riverdale Tor by Amanda Wills

In the latest release of the Riverdale series, Poppy McKeever has another mystery to solve.  There is a dog that has been worrying sheep in the local area.  This started with the sheep of Poppy’s best friend, Scarlett.

The Mystery of Riverdale Tor by Amanda Wills | Equus Education (Click to buy)

Poppy is devastated to find that she may have been able to stop the event – or at least learn who the dog was that could have taken away her friend’s family’s chance at a livelihood.  The distressed sheep may no longer be pregnant. On top of this, Poppy is concerned that her best friend won’t forgive her for having realised there was an issue when she first spied the sheep in a state of distress.

Throughout the Mystery of Riverdale Tor, Poppy works to solve the mystery that has so greatly affected her friend and their family’s sheep.  Alongside this she learns about TREC riding on horses. And so Poppy enjoys trying out this discipline on her beautiful grey gelding, Cloud.

A new celebrity moving into the area draws Poppy’s attention and she is excited to find she may have a lead on the sheep worrying dog.  The instagram fanatic has built a band of followers and although he may not be the sharpest tool in the box, he does have a dog that fits the profile of recent attacks.  But not everything is as it seems and the teen struggles to piece together the facts that could help her to solve the mystery.

The Mystery of Riverdale Tor is tied up nicely.  It does a great job of introducing readers to TREC on horse back and of exploring the importance of humane animal care.  This is another book of Amanda Wills’ that looks at horse ownership, riding and of course mystery.  Recommended.

Author: Amanda Wills
Fiction – preteen/early teens
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