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I am a part of a group Equestrian Bloggers board on Pinterest and keep an eye on the resources shared. One recently added to the board was provided by the Printable Pony. I thought this sounded like it was worth checking out! And indeed it was.

The Printable Pony | Equus Education
The Printable Pony | Equus Education

Do you know those people who just have a knack for – or perhaps an obsession with 😉 – organising things? Well according to the website, the Printable Pony is focused on “connecting, educating and organising equestrian enthusiasts”.

Now I’d go so far as to say that all equine enthusiasts would benefit from this site, not just equestrians.

My favourite section provides resources to simplify the equestrian lifestyle. And if you’re willing to sign up to the Printable Pony newsletter, then you can gain access to the free vault of resources – score!

Tracy Beavers has setup this initiative. She boasts a background in marketing and communications whilst also being an avid horse fan. I truly love that the internet allows people to combine their passions and skills to help others. And if they’re able to make some pocket money on the side, why not do this too?

You can read about Tracy’s horse journey over at her blog and you may also be interested in checking out her products over at Etsy. When it comes to managing horses in your job or lifestyle, being able to utilise products that help you to be more organised and efficient is a good thing, surely!

“Horses change lives. They give out young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.” ― Toni Robinson

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