The Road to Balinor by Mary Stanton

The first book in the Unicorns of Balinor series didn’t take me long to devour. Based around thirteen year old Arianna, Ari awakes from an accident that she can’t remember, to find that her most recent memory isn’t the only thing missing. Not familiar with the people who claim to be her foster parents and not remembering any of her past, the young teen has no idea that she is royalty from another world, not a resident of earth.

The Road to Balinor by Mary Stanton

Although not much makes sense, Ari recognises her close bond with her horse Chase. A desperate attempt to save the stallion from the hands of others could result in the loss of Ari and Chase’s future happiness in their true home.

Mary Stanford has written the start to this series very well. The characters and environment in which they live are well described and the reader finds they are eager to know what will happen next, hoping things will work out for the confused young Arianna.

Just as the story is building to a hopefully happy resolution, book number one comes to an end! I’ll have to secure the second in the series as I’m dying to know what will happen to Arianna, Chase and the characters she’s come to be involved with.

Author – Mary Stanton
Fiction – children, adventure
In my library – Yes!  I have a few in this series but must track down book two!
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“Happiness is… believing in unicorns.” – Author unknown

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