Todhpurs – Children’s Horse Riding Apparel

Recently on twitter I had a new follower in the form of Todhpurs. Now I’ve got to ask, when you read that word, what images does it evoke? Either they’ve chosen a brilliant name…  Or, being a mother of 2 under the age of 3, my mind is often on toddlers! I think of toddlers and jodhpurs. And this in turn makes me think of horse riding clothes for littlies!

Now I had no idea if this is how the name came about, or it was just a nifty coincidence, but I liked it! A read over their About page soon proved the theory to be true:

“Todhpurs are the first riding boots made with toddlers and young children in mind. They are comfy, reliable and easy to fit on those wiggling toes.  Todhpurs has been created by three sisters who came up with the idea back in 2015 when Hannah (the eldest) had her first child George.

Finding the perfect pony, our little Pixie was easy but finding the perfect boots for George was a near impossible challenge. No matter where we looked, there were no riding boots on the market for toddlers and young children that looked as good as regular children’s boots or were not up to the standard we would want from our own boots.

What started out as a bit of a dream soon started to turn into a reality with help from a family friend who put us in touch with our amazing suppliers. With endless challenges and changes we were finally presented with a boot we fell in love with.”

Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?
Todhpurs Cater to Horse Riding Boots for Toddlers and Young Children; would you be Interested?

My husband and I are blessed to live in a regional town with friends who own horses and ponies. Already we’ve had offers for our daughter to learn to ride (she’s 3 in a few months). And in time we hope to have land and a pony for the children to learn on.  But until then, I’m happy to wait for things to fall into place.


I love the idea that there’s a market specifically for young children and to meet their needs. I remember frustrations of my sister in law, trying to find the right shoes for her children when they were first learning to walk and get about. For the horse focused family, knowing that there’s a brand (or brands) specifically tailored to young riders is awesome! So why not check out the Todhpurs website?

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