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Equi-Promo – Promotion Products for Equine Events

I was recently made aware of another horse type of business through Twitter. Some may be familiar with a previous post on Equus Education about an equine events planner. Well perhaps they would work in collaboration with something like Equi-Promo. As it states on their website:

‘Equi-Promo is here to provide you promotional products for all of your equine events! Whether you’re going to a 4* event, you want to help advertise your club or you need to decorate your venue, we have the perfect products for you. From mugs to banners, pens to flags, we can meet all of your promotional needs and help to get you noticed! Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our products and what would work best for you, we’re always happy to help!’

Equi-Promo - what Horse Products would you use in Your Equine Business?

Equi-Promo – what Horse Products would you use in Your Equine Business?

I love how this information identifies some different types of events where their products could be of benefit to people. Firstly, a horse riding event at the top level – 4*. And then there is reference to a horse related club.  This could be a leisurely riding club, pony club or another kind of horse related club.


Or perhaps you have a venue for your horse related event – they can help in this area, too! I love that there is a company that focuses on equine promotional products.  This could be alongside having someone in particular to help organise your horse related event. Equi-Promo is a great business idea with a horse focus.

To be able to turn to someone who can help set up products with your horse business on them is a great thing. If they are particularly in the know about horse related businesses, then perhaps they will have horse specific products that you can make use of, too. It’s one thing to promote your business with horse products. It’s another entirely to have industry useful products with your logo and business name on them.

National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance

Recently I was reading a novel by Alex Brown. It made reference to the NTRA or National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance. This is in action in the United States. The NTRA has a Safety and Integrity Alliance that focuses on six broad areas within the industry:

  • injury reporting and prevention
  • creating a safer racing and training environment
  • uniform medication, testing and penalties
  • safety and health of jockeys
  • aftercare and transition of retired racehorses
  • wagering security

As it says on their website:

“The health and safety of our human and equine athletes and the integrity of our sport are horseracing’s top priorities. The Safety & Integrity Alliance is horse racing’s key mechanisms for implementation of important safety and integrity initiatives on a uniform basis nationwide.”

Were you Aware of the National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance?

Were you Aware of the National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance?

The National Thoroughbred Regulatory Alliance

Racetracks can choose to be assessed by the NTRA and be accredited if they pass in the above six areas. This is a great way to ensure racing fans that the racetrack and those involved are working towards a healthy future for horse people and the horses themselves.

For someone who has a love of racing and equine welfare, perhaps a position with the NTRA may be worth looking into.

Likewise, if you’re involved in the racing industry in your country, perhaps you know there is no similar setup where you are.  Well then, maybe you’re just the person to encourage such an initiative to take place!

There are many organisations that are put in place to keep people ethical and accountable.  They are also there to make sure sports are safe. This is a great idea so that the sport in question isn’t brought under ridicule by the public. It also shows that people involved in the sport are dedicated to safe and legal practices.  Setups like the NTRA can benefit many.

Profile On: Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

Self employed remedial equine massage therapist Sherri Davis kindly took the time to answer some questions about her work and her business Equisynergy.

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
I would currently spend approximately 40 hours a week between working with horses and studying horses. Due to study I would say my current workload is part time. I travel quite a bit as I am mobile which also makes me a versatile option for horse owners.

What is it exactly that you do?
I am a remedial equine massage therapist.

Remedial Equine Massage Therapist Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

Remedial Equine Massage Therapist Sherri Davis of Equisynergy

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
I am self employed with my business Equisynergy. Self promotion has built up my business.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
As a remedial equine massage therapist, I graduated in 2012 with the Diploma of Remedial Equine Massage Therapy. I am currently in my final year of Equine Science and also studying Vet Tech at Charles Sturt University.

Favourite horse memory?
Gosh i have so many favourite memories but I would have to say fast working our standardbred horses with dad on our property when i was a teenager. Such a thrill, especially when i got my trainers/drivers licence at age 16.

Future goals?
Future goals are to incorporate rehab and mobile vet nursing in with my massage, hence all my studies. I would love to be able to treat horses holistically including nutrition and wound care.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
Seeing a difference in the way a horse moves after treatment. Also the response whilst massaging; they are very demonstrative about letting you know when it feels good!

“Employers are like horses — they require management.” ― P.G. Wodehouse

An Equine Sales Agent – the go Between Person

There are many people today who are looking to buy a horse. Perhaps their first horse or their fifth. Likewise, there are a lot of people who are advertising horses for sale. There is a particular person who acts as the go between for these two types of people.  It is the equine sales agent.

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

An equine sales agent matches potential buyers with sellers. After finding out what a person is looking for in a horse, they then research possible matches. At the end of the day, the ideal is that the agent is able to pair up a seller with a buyer. The job in itself may require many hours of:

  • researching the horse market
  • determining distances between buyers and sellers
  • organising transport for purchased horses
  • organising necessary accommodation for travelling buyers

The Equine Sales Agent

The position as a whole can entail quite a bit and be a lengthy process. Upon a successful sale, the equine sales agent is paid for their time and effort. This could be a percentage of the sale price, based on the hours invested or predetermined another way.

For those who love to research horses for sale and determining the logistics of a horse viewing and potential buy, this position may be of interest. It would require knowing a lot about varying disciplines, horse movement and conformation, soundness and the places to look for horses. It would also require knowing where to look for potential buyers.  This could be a great way to bring in income without having to generate a product to sell.

“Simon’s horse was defective, or possibly a genius that had worked out that Simon could not possibly control it. It went off for a wander in the woods, with Simon on its back alternately pleading, threatening, and offering bribes.” ― Cassandra Clare

Change Rein by Anne Jolin

In the first book of the Willow Bay stables, Change Rein, London Daniels finds herself quickly falling. A hopeful for the Olympics on her beautiful Dutch Warmblood, Achilles War, her life is turned upside down with an accident. An accident that many blame on her horse. Yet London is adamant that she bailed on the ride to protect her beloved equine.

Change Rein by Anne Jolin

Change Rein by Anne Jolin

Unfortunately, the fall has resulted in her questioning whether she will have a horse riding career in the future. With her return home, London finds that the family farm is in trouble, too. In a bid to save the financial future of the farm, her father agrees to house some horses’ short term. They are owned by a wealthy young man who has his eye on London.

London isn’t sure what to make of Branson at first. She cannot deny her attraction to him. That doesn’t make her sure that his interest is anything beyond superficial, however.

As the two work out what they want in life – and from each other – London comes to find what she’s been missing in life. It was easy to focus on her career at the expense of all else. But when that is taken from her – even if only for the short term – she finds a gaping hole in its place.

Change Rein

Branson seems to be perfect for her but he has a secret of his own. Although his attention starts off a little strong, London realises he’s playing for keeps. In time London realises that when life throws you something unexpected, you may just need to change rein and keep going.

Change Rein by Anne Jolin is a romance about two ambitious people who realise love comes at a cost. But just maybe that cost is worth it.

Author – Anne Jolin
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

This is the second book by Angharad Thompson Rees I have been able to download to read. The Galloping Pony is another short story aimed at children. It has a delightful moral to it, too.

Second in the Magical Adventures and Pony Tales series, this book focuses on young Warmheart, a cob pony who loves to run. As he grows up, he enjoys nothing more than pitting himself against the farm’s work dog, Bob. Although Bob always wins, Warmheart feels that he is getting closer and closer to winning.

The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

Life is grand on the beautiful Pennydale Farm where he lives. He spends his days frolicking in the field with his mother and enjoying the company of Bob and the other farm animals.

The whole farm of animals cause their owner Farmer John concern one day when they react to the goings on next door. It seems that the wealthy neighbours are having a track put in for their prize thoroughbreds. Warmheart is excited about being able to race alongside the sleek thoroughbreds once the track is put in.

When this occurs however, the young cob realises he’s not as fast as he thinks. When some bad news reaches the animals about the farm’s future, they are all downtrodden. It is only when Farmer John recognises Warmheart’s love of running that he feels he’s found a way to save the farm – and all the animals on it.

The Galloping Pony is a delightful tale of the underdog. It provides kids with the clear moral that they should never give up. All that is needed is a love for something and perseverance to bring about a positive result.

Author – Angharad Thompson Rees
Fiction – children
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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Charlene the Star by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Children’s author Deanie Humprhys-Dunne has recently done a revised edition of Charlene the Star. This delightful children’s story has a wonderful life lesson. It explores the concept of finding what you do well – and that which you enjoy – and pursuing this.

Charlene the Star by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Charlene the Star by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

This is the first book in the Charlene the Star series. Charlene is a beautiful chestnut filly with a rich red coat. She is a thoroughbred with a family that has performed well on the track. Although she grows up in a beautiful home and is well cared for, Charlene questions if there might be more to life than running. She just doesn’t seem to have the heart for it.

Following her mother’s wise advice, Charlene decides to give racing a go. After all, it is anticipated that she will do it well – and enjoy it. When this doesn’t seem to be the case, Charlene remembers another piece of advice from her mother. She was told to try her best but if she didn’t like racing, then to find a way to let her trainer and exercise rider know.

Charlene the Star

Charlene is under the care of some observant handlers. When they realise that her heart isn’t in racing, they consider what else she could do.

Charlene the Star is a short story made up of some delightful characters. It is beautifully illustrated by Deanie’s sister, Holly Humphrys-Bajaj.

For those who are looking for horse books for their young readers, you can’t go past Deanie’s books that are for children, with life lessons. There is always a moral to the stories and they are positive. At the end of this story is a set of questions to test reader’s memory and comprehension of the book.

Author: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Fiction – children
In My Library? As an ebook copy, yes!
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Mentoring for a Horse Career

I was made aware of a website online awhile ago that offered part time / casual work for mentors. If you were to be mentoring people, then you made yourself available via Skype or online to be able to talk with mentees at a time that mutually suited. Mentoring could be in relation to study, career choice or other life choices. And this got me to thinking – why not mentoring for a horse career?

So there are two options I believe for this to be a horse career:

  • Someone could set up and provide a place online where people are able to mentor others with regards to horses
  • People can become a mentor with regards to horses for those in need
Mentoring for a Horse Career - Would you do it?

Mentoring for a Horse Career – Would you do it?

So this perhaps raises the question – what would someone need a mentor for? And what that relates to horses?

Take your pick! People could provide mentoring in the areas of :

  • Buying your first horse
  • Choosing a horse career
  • Help with organisation of a horse business
  • Assistance with regards to studying horses / completing a horse course

Mentoring for a Horse Career

I am sure there are many people with a wealth of skills, knowledge and qualifications regarding horses. It’s quite possible that they could couple this with a desire to help others. If there was a place online that linked capable mentors with those seeking guidance, I believe this could be another way to earn income in the horse industry.

Whether you’re just starting out with horses or in the horse industry, or whether you’re a season pro – what area do you think you could have had the assistance of a mentor in?

“For many young girls, having a horse of their own ranks high on the scale of importance, right up there with breathing.” ― Kim Meeder

Researching Equines and Teaching Equine Science

There are some things that are or have been discovered by others that fascinate me, especially when they relate to horses. Recently I read the Partnered Pony by Jenifer Morrissey. It contained a statement regarding researching equines.  It left me thinking, ‘wow! How cool!’

It turns out that supporting the gut bacteria facilitates serotonin production which can lead to calmer equines.

Researching Equines is an Incredible Field

Researching Equines is an Incredible Field

What’s so interesting about this statement?

  1. There is a link to how horses can be made calmer. This can greatly affect their performance, health and ease of management.
  2. It is linked with the horse’s digestive system. This in turn is linked with what we feed the horse.

In short? Particular foods that keep a healthy environment for microbes can lead to calmer horses. Nutrition for horses can be designed that results in a horse that isn’t seen to be so ‘hot.’ Again: wow! How cool!

Researching Equines

This information may have not first been discovered with regards to horses. However, there are funds out there for people wanting to undertake studies around the equine species. Many of the teachers of my Equine Science Degree were also researchers. They were able to continue their passion (research) by having a day job (teaching). This day job just so happened to link in with their passion – both were related to equine science!

For those who are interested in researching equines, consider the idea of teaching equine science, too. As you do your masters and maybe even go on to a PhD, teaching can be a great way to fund your desire to study and learn more about the equine species.

“From horses we may learn not only about the horse itself but also about animals in general, indeed about ourselves and about life as a whole.” ― George Gaylord Simpson

Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant

Carole, Lisa and Stevie have been offered an incredible opportunity in Pack Trip, book 18 of the Saddle Club series. Their friend Kate Devine has called with a request for them to join her and Christine on a pack trip in the mountains.

Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant

Pack Trip (Saddle Club #18) by Bonnie Bryant

The first obstacle is to determine how they will afford the trip. When they are able to find a solution to this problem, it is then a question of Stevie convincing her parents that she can go – and that she’ll get on top of her homework before the end of the trip.

There are three other riders who will be going on the trip also and it seems that they’re each matched to the Saddle Club! Stevie has found a fellow trickster in Amy, whilst Lisa is drawn to Amy’s brother, Seth. Carole is rapt to be able to consistently talk horses with John.

As the trip progresses, Amy gets more impulsive.  This then causes the others to question if she is fun or just plain dangerous. Seth is desperate to protect his sister and Lisa finds herself drawn into their drama as she works to help Seth. Stevie recognises the issue before anyone else and calls a Saddle Club meeting – it’s time to intervene! But can the other girls convince Lisa to see reason – and before Amy does something that puts them all in danger?

Pack Trip is an action packed novel by Bonnie Bryant that is full of adventure and horses, of course. It’s nice to find Kate and Christine in the picture again and the trip is well described. An interesting and also entertaining read.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
In My Library? Yes, along with many others.
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