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Equine Non Profits Network

I was interested to recently discover an equine non profits website. This network focuses specifically on equine non profits that are located in the North Carolina region.  As it says on their website,

‘the mission of this project is to promote and support communication and collaboration among North Carolina’s horse related nonprofit organizations.’

Equine Non Profits can be a Great way to Give Back and Learn new Skills

Equine Non Profits can be a Great way to Give Back and Learn new Skills

I was amazed to learn through this website, that there are over 100 horse related nonprofit organisations within the North Carolina area – wow! The website has been created to be an interaction point for all of these organisations. It’s a place they can go online to gain information and help in relation to horse focused non profits. The site has been set up by Equine Career Network founder, Kelsey Sullivan and is run in conjunction with the North Carolina Horse Council.

The website provides details on the various organisations within the North Carolina counties. The 100+ organisations cover the areas of therapeutic riding, equine assisted, therapy, rescue, racehorse rehoming and preservation.

Equine Non Profits in North Carolina

I am blown away by the number of organisations set up in the NC area. For someone who wants to learn about setting up and running a non profit that relates to horses, volunteering at any number of facilities like these would be of benefit! As you can see, you can focus your interests to a particular area, such as therapeutic riding. Or, maybe you’d rather focus your energies where you see there is still a great need. Non profits are a great way to offer your time and energy through volunteering. They can also provide you with much information and skills as you make yourself available to them.

If you want to set up such an organisation in the NC area, then keep this website address handy. It not only provides contact details of over 100 setups in the North Carolina area, it also provides details on grants and emergency resources, as well as agriculture extension office details.

I love to learn about resources like this! If there isn’t one for your local area, then maybe you could start to collate similar information for it? This website came about from a Masters Thesis project – cool!

The Muleteer as a Horse Career

So recently I’ve had the opportunity to consider another in the equine species – the mule.  Or more specifically, the role of the muleteer. This was on account of the Equine Spirit by C S Purdy. It was followed up by reading Brown Sunrise of Sawdust Valley by Marguerite Henry which will be reviewed in the future.

The Muleteer as a Horse Career

The Muleteer as a Horse Career

For those who are unaware, a mule is a foal that results from a horse and a donkey being bred. More specifically, the female is a horse (mare) and the male is a donkey (jack).

Something that fascinates me is that a mule is infertile. You cannot breed two mules and gain a baby mule. This is because donkeys have an extra set of chromosomes to the horse and so the resulting mule ends up with one chromosome not being paired. Interesting!

Mules have a lot of appeal to those who own them and handle them. They can be quite large, depending on the horse influence. Mules are sturdy, surefooted and hard workers. They also keep well, unlike some breeds of horse that require a lot to stay in good condition.

The Muleteer

Whilst reading Marguerite Henry’s novel about Brown Sunrise, reference was made to one of the gentlemen being a muleteer. I’m not sure I’ve read this word before! I assumed it related to the care of a mule, but I thought I’d do a little investigating. A muleteer can simply be described as “one who drives mules.”

A definition that I feel is a little more comprehensive details:

“A muleteer, or more informally a muleskinner is a person who transports goods using pack animals, especially mules. In South America, muleskinners transport coffee, maize (corn), cork, wheat and myriad other items. They remain common in the Paisa Region of Colombia. In California, muleteers work out of pack stations. In Europe, there are still muleteers in the south of Portugal and the southwest of Spain, in the cork producing area. Their role is now limited to transporting the cork with their mules, out of the Mediterranean oak forest to more accessible routes, where modern means of transport are available.”

Perhaps you have an interest in training and working with the equine species. But maybe donkeys and mules appeal to you more. Or the idea of working with pack horses in general! Being a muleteer could provide you with the chance to train, travel and get a lot of exercise!

Horse Wise (Saddle Club #11) by Bonnie Bryant

In the eleventh adventure in the Saddle Club series, Horse Wise, the members of Pine Hollow are getting a Pony Club. Now it seems that the girls will learn even more on a regular basis. Made up of riding lessons, practical health care sessions and theory, Carole, Lisa and Steve are rapt about Max’s decision to start a Pony Club.

Horse Wise (Saddle Club #11) by Bonnie Bryant

Horse Wise (Saddle Club #11) by Bonnie Bryant

It is soon discovered that for the club to run effectively, many parents need to volunteer to help out. Carole is dismayed to find that after her father volunteers; his lack of horse knowledge is embarrassingly evident.

On top of this, she’s battling envy because spoilt rich kid Veronica diAngelo is getting a new horse. This is after her recklessness killed her beloved thoroughbred stallion Cobalt. Carole can’t bear the thought that another horse may be harmed under Veronica’s care.

Lisa is battling something, too. It seems that her parents have decided to get her a horse, but how can she tell her two best friends? Their dismay at Veronica’s recent purchase makes her question if they will respond in the same way to her news.

As the Pony Club progresses, the girls find that Veronica’s thoughtlessness continues. In fact, her lack of care for safety and riding rules results in a young colt being free from Pine Hollow and in danger. As Carole, Lisa and Stevie pull together to rescue Samson, they find that they need to get a few things off their chest. Things that relate to Carole’s father helping in the Pony Club and Lisa getting a horse. Horse Wise is a great look into the value of Pony Clubs and covers a lot of basic horse knowledge for horse riders and owners. It is another enjoyable read by Bonnie Bryant.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
In My Library? Definitely is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans

Recently I was able to download a copy of the non-fiction horse book Take the Reins! 7 Secrets to Inspired Leadership by Shari Jaeger. Any horse book that is able to provide principles to help you be a better person is worth the read in my opinion!  As Shari explores the concepts in her book, she makes reference to Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans.

I was amazed to read in the book that she left a well respected, high paying position to jump in the deep end and start her own business. It has resulted in what is now described as a ‘world-class program to empower your leadership and intuition’.

Knowing that she left a successful position to pursue a growing idea that involved using horses to help people, I did a search online for Shari’s leadership business. I love that she focuses on business strategy but also makes use of horses to guide individuals.

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans ™

Shari utilises horses in her equine assisted coaching program to help individuals discover their most effective leadership style and then act on this.  They use the horses to demonstrate their management capabilities, which they can then go and use in the workplace. In her book, Shari provides examples of events that have occurred in these horse coaching sessions. The results for individuals has helped them to recognise their true approaches to other people. And from here, they then discover what needs adjusting to get the result they desire.

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans can be Utilised by Individuals and Business Teams

Alpha Horse Leadership Training for Humans can be Utilised by Individuals and Business Teams

Shari combines business strategy with emotional and also social intelligence to help people achieve the results they desire. As it says on Shari’s business site:

“The workshops use experienced horses for enhanced learning and ground-truthing the exercises. No horse experience is necessary, all activities are conducted unmounted in an indoor arena.”

This course can help the individual.  But it is also able to be utilised by whole teams within a particular business. If you have a passion for working with horses and a background with managing people, then the idea of working at an equine facilitated learning property may appeal to you. Perhaps it’s a position you can aim for in the future of your career?

Rider Bling – Using Amazon to Focus Your Horse Niche

I can’t remember how it was that I came across Rider Bling. But on first glance, I thought it was a tack / riding apparel store that had a website to promote their own products. Looking at the boutique section of the site, I realise I was wrong!

It seems that the concept of Rider Bling is something I often promote, but haven’t really seen actively in action before! It is an online store with horse products, but what makes it different is who owns the products. This site appears to be specifically set up to benefit from affiliate commissions. The horse related products on display and for sale are all sourced through Amazon. Can you say, Equine Passive Income Stream?

Rider Bling - Hand Picking Amazon Items for Sale

Rider Bling – Hand Picking Amazon Items for Sale

When you visit the boutique area of the site, you’ll be provided with Brooke’s Picks of items. It would be my guess that as sales are made, Brooke makes commissions on these. So she’s not creating the items for sale, but rather guiding people toward horse related products that are already for sale on Amazon.

Rider Bling – Horse Affiliation

The unique thing about this is that she’s found a way to make money from someone else’s product – with presumably little input from herself! Instead, she’s gone through the Amazon catalogue and picked out what she likes. Then from here, she’s providing images and prices (which are given through Amazon Affiliates in a nifty little code). People click to buy the product she’s recommended and voila she receives a commission.

If you have a passion for particular horse products and you know they’re available for sale on Amazon, then this idea could appeal to you. What could make the website more appealing to visitors is an information area. You could provide horse articles that highlight the benefits of a particular product…  And then you give readers the opportunity to buy said product. This would require more time from you initially to write the articles.  However, it could also provide more benefit to people who visit your site. Food for thought.

Making Your Own Jumps by Mary Gordon Watson

This book looked like a nice quick read, so I grabbed it off the bookshelf recently. As one who is planning to purchase land and set it up for horse riding, Making Your Own Jumps definitely has appeal.

Making Your Own Jumps by Mary Gordon Watson

Making Your Own Jumps by Mary Gordon Watson

It is a short read, 24 pages in length with accompanying illustrations by Carole Vincer, but a very helpful book. The reader is first introduced to the importance of a well-designed jumping course for horse riders and then the idea of a practice field is considered.
From here, readers are introduced to varying show jump stands, wings and cups as well as show jump parts. Measurements and safety considerations are offered for those wanting to build lasting and safe jumps.

As you progress through the book, you are then introduced to different types of show jumps – upright, triple bar, oxer, etc. Mary then goes on to explain show jump combinations and what makes a jump dangerous. A two page illustration is provided of an example show jumping course with 10 jumps and multiple changes of direction.

Following this, cross country jumps are considered. The materials you may use are explained as well as measurements to make a jump save, sturdy and inviting. Different ways to secure jumps – through rope, wire, nails and use of chocks are also explored. Then over 20 different types of cross country jumps are illustrated and explained before the book looks at ditches and banks. The reader is provided with measurements and details on how to build and reinforce these types of jumps and finally cross country combinations and water jumps are looked into. A final word is provided on maintenance of jumps and useful tools for creating and maintaining horse jumps.

Making Your Own Jumps by Mary Gordon Watson is an easy read with lots of visuals to help explain concepts. I believe it will be a valuable tool when I am building jumps in the future.

Author – Mary Gordon Watson
Non-Fiction – horse jump creation
In my library – definitely is!
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

Equestricare 25% Off EOFYS

This time of year can be great with regards to end of financial year sales (EOFYS). Often you can pick up something at a discounted rate and be able to claim the amount against your tax. Perhaps you are able to get a product for your horse business cheaply. Maybe you can acquire the services of a horse professional at less than you would normally have to pay. Or, it may be that you’re able to put money towards a qualification that will help you start your equine career. This could be the case with the Equestricare 25% off end of financial year sale!

Equestricare 25% off EOFYS

Equestricare 25% off EOFYS

Equestricare offer courses and products relating to equine massage around Australia. It states in their recent email newsletter that anyone who books in for courses and pays before the end of June, will receive a 25% discount. Great!

Equestricare 25% Off EOFYS

How has the first half of your year been? Are you progressing towards your horse business goals? Are you interested in a horse massage career and need to take that next step to get yourself upskilled or qualified? This EOFYS may be just for you!

Yet if it’s not, do you know of a friend who is interested in this area as a horse career? Maybe they need that little bit of encouragement from you – in the form of passing on information – to get themselves moving forward.

Whatever the reason:

  • spending a bit more in relation to the business before tax time
  • wanting to take advantage of a good deal

You can look into the discounts they have on offer for their courses that are booked and paid for before the end of June. This covers certificates, online courses and a tour they have titled the Horses Inside Out Tour. Equestricare are set up in Australia and offer workshops in various states. You can head along to their website or email them at to claim a discount / find out more.

A Horse History Theme Park

So recently I’ve taken a little journey in the area of horses and history. More specifically, the learning has occurred with regards to horses in the United States of America. That said I have learned about other horse history events around the world. This has led me to think about the possibility of a horse history theme park.

What would it entail? How would it work? Some of you may be familiar with the Living Horse Museum in Chantilly, France. This museum focuses on the impact of the horse throughout history around the world. There are over 30 rooms that show statues, mythical creatures, paintings, poems, little figurines and even life size dummies displayed in a myriad of horse riding apparel.

On top of this, they have a display of various living horses that cover different breeds. Demonstrations are also provided with live horses.

A Horse History Theme Park could offer Carriage Rides

A Horse History Theme Park could offer Carriage Rides

So it could be something like this. But instead, the sections of the park would focus on different events or aspects in horse history. For example, there could be an area where ponies or draught horses are used to log trees. As people travel around the park, they can do so via horse and carriage, driven by someone who works at the park.

A few times a day, messages could be handed to riders on their equine member of the pony express, and this message could then be raced around the park’s perimeter to see how quickly it can be delivered by the team. A channel that meanders through the park could have a boat on it that is pulled by a team of working mules as was the case with the Erie Canal in the US.

A horse racing event could be held in the middle of the day to highlight the world’s interest in horse racing still today. Ponies of similar stature to those used for mining could be paraded for people to inspect.  And history fact sheets could even be provided to onlookers. There are many possibilities!

A Horse History Theme Park

If there was a place you could go to learn about how the horse has left its hoof print on our history, would you? I think this could draw a lot of interest from horse fanatics and history buffs alike. What do you think?

Star Rider (Saddle Club 19) by Bonnie Bryant

In the nineteenth book in the Saddle Club series, Star Rider focuses on an exciting event at Pine Hollow. Teen heartthrob Skye Ransom is shooting a new movie and they need a horsey set. What better place than the Pine Hollow stables and surrounds?

Star Rider (Saddle Club #19) by Bonnie Bryant

Star Rider (Saddle Club #19) by Bonnie Bryant

Lisa, Carole and Stevie previously helped Skye when they ran into him in New York. He was having issues learning to ride – a topic the three girls know a lot about! When Lisa unexpectedly becomes his teacher, she is rapt. This follows through in Star Rider. Skye is still having trouble. In fact, he’s down right scared of horses.

When Lisa gives him some simple pointers, she is amazed to find the director watching. Further to this, he casts her in a small role!

This is wonderful news. However, it takes away from Lisa’s time helping her two friends. Colonel Hanson, Carole’s father, has a big birthday coming up. The three girls had planned to work together to achieve a great surprise party. With Lisa – the methodical list person – not available to Carole and Stevie, they question if they can organise the party effectively.

Star Rider by Bonnie Bryant

Star Rider is an entertaining read, watching the girls at their best as they work to help each other. Skye’s fear of riding is solved in a unique way. On top of this, he is able to help out the girls with their party planning.

Horses feature well in the story, though not as heavily as in some of the other books in the series. Even so, this is another fun read in the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant.

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Fiction – pre and early teenage years.
In My Library? It is, along with many others in the series.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Horse Power Inventions in History

Recently I read the Equine Spirit by C S Purdy and learned a lot about what horses have done for us over time. I was amazed to learn about some pretty incredible horse power inventions in history.

  1. The Pony Express was made up of teams of horses and riders that were used to convey messages over long distances, quickly. Obviously one horse and rider can travel a lot faster than a lone person running. The use of a pony express could speed up communications over long distances.
  2. The Erie Canal in the United States was run on horse power too, surprisingly! Or more specifically, the pulling power of mules. Mules were attached by ropes to boats and they were directed from the side of the canal, to lead boats down it! Ingenious.
  3. Conservation grazing. As outlined in Jenifer Morrissey’s book the Partnered Pony, some ponies are specifically used to graze in a protected area. These equine species will graze on specific plants and create minimal damage to the area, helping to promote a specific result in the native area.
  4. Tree logging. Although a lot of this is carried out by machinery these days, it was ultimately a large horse focused industry. Today even, horses or ponies are used in areas that machinery cannot access, or when the local flora and fauna needs to be left as untouched as possible.
Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions in History

Horse Power Inventions

There are many inventions out there that are or were only made possible by the equine species. I’m not certain that era is over! Do you have a horse related invention in mind that you feel can meet a particular need? Be sure to check out a recent post on equine grants if you’re seeking funding help!

“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.” ― Adlai E. Stevenson II

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