TeamViewer for Horse Client Computers

I recently had an issue with my author email and control panel of my site.  I could update my website, but not login to the panel to see if I could problem solve the email account issue.  And so I went to my webhost to see if he could fix the problem.  He suggested I download TeamViewer so that he could look into the issue for me.  And after this experience, I wonder if this free program could be a beneficial tool for someone wanting to manage horse clients that utilise computers.

Once I’d downloaded a copy of TeamViewer, I was able to give my host a login name and number that correlated with my particular computer.  Over the internet at the same time, he could then login and access my computer.

TeamViewer for Horse Client Computers | Equus Education
TeamViewer for Horse Client Computers | Equus Education

I could watch as he edited settings on the email account that wasn’t working.  It wasn’t too long before he’d resolved that issue and emails were sending and being received.  Then he was able to reset the contact details for the control panel of my site so that I could then receive the email regarding resetting the password and he left me to it.  Easy!

So I got to thinking, why couldn’t someone utilise the likes of TeamViewer and the internet to carry out tasks for clients on their computers?  Many things they could do remotely, but others they could do… remotely on their computer.  It may be a handy tool for those who do computer work for equine businesses.  Food for thought.

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