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I got to ‘play’ in the classroom at Equitana for half a shift on the Saturday of the event.  This involved introducing speakers in the industry that would be talking for about 45 minutes on a particular topic.  One was Michael MacKinnon of HorseForce Legal.

HorseForce Legal can help out with contracts, legal advice and risk management.  Today selling a horse or buying one isn’t just a question of agreeing on the sale and someone handing over money – you really need to cover yourself as the buyer or seller and it was interesting to hear where responsibilities and liabilities lie.

As someone who’s worked on Thoroughbred studs, it’s been amazing to see how events can happen with horses that were unforeseeable and yet have resulted in unhappy owners who have considered legal action.  There have also been cases of owners that can’t afford to cover the costs that their equine friends are acquiring through agistment, breeding fees, vet and farrier.  Knowing where you stand in business with horses is therefore essential to minimise complications arising.

Michael MacKinnon contributes monthly to Horse Deals magazine with regards to horses and the law and has obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law at Monash University and Diplome Superieur de francaisdes Affaires (Paris).

NCAS/EFA coach Clinton Rich in early 2001 recognised the need for the Australian horse industry to have access to cheap standard legal contracts that are common within the industry. Michael MacKinnon was the man he approached to draft them and consequently they are now sold by HorseForce.

It's worth legally protecting your investment.

HorseForce Legal offer contracts in:
– Sale and purchase
– Lease
– Agistment
– Risk warning and waiver
– Breeding
– Training
– Joint ownership contract

If you’re interested in such a position within the industry or think these contracts could be of use to you, perhaps the site would be worth checking out.

“No locker room speeches. No playbooks. No contracts or free agents. Not even a word spoken between teammates. Doesn’t that make it the greatest of all team sports?”

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