A Pony for Christmas

A Pony for Christmas by Bev Pettersen

This delightful novella focuses on six year old Suzy Jenkins who is desperate to secure her first pony. She is convinced Santa will bring her a pony for Christmas and already has a yard and shed ready for it.

Suzy doesn’t mind what colour her pony will be, she just desires to have one to love. Living in poor surroundings, she is excited to read that ponies can live on water and grass alone. Her eagerness to collect as much grass as possible in the winter months leading up to Christmas catches the attention of a local homeless man, Carl.

Suzy confides in him that she is getting a pony for Christmas and she is preparing. Carl is surprised by her certainty at receiving such a gift, especially when ponies are expensive to keep. Suzy admits that she has written to Santa and has been extra good this year so that she will get her wish.

As the six year old works hard to be nice to others, her kindness touches others in an unexpected way. Could it be that Santa will indeed bring her a pony for Christmas? A delightful tale for young readers with a theme of kindness throughout.

Author: Bev Pettersen
Fiction – children
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“Who among us has not as a child asked Santa Claus to bring us a pony on Christmas day?” – Author unknown

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