Amazing Grays Amazing Grace

Amazing Grays Amazing Grace by Lynn Baber

This story I’ve had for awhile sitting in my kindle collection, and am surprised by its topic that I haven’t read it earlier! This non fictional work by Lynn Baber has my two favourite things as the focal point: God and horses.

Lynn uses examples from her daily dealings with and training of horses to describe how our relationship with Christ should be.  The book is about ‘pursuing relationship with God, horses and one another.’

Baber uses examples of her training horses – in particular her two greys Bo and Swizzle – to show how our relationship with Christ should be. Each analogy cleverly depicts how we should be trusting in and following Christ’s guidance in our lives.

This story starts out a little too political for my liking, but once I got past this, I really enjoyed the lessons explored in each chapter. Baber writes in a style that is easy to follow and each training lesson is aptly summed up in a lesson about our relationship with and to God. An interesting and enlightening read.

Author – Lynn Baber
Non fiction
In my library?  As a kindle version, yes!
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“Horse person’s glossary – pinto: green coat pattern found on a freshly washed gray horse left unattended in the stall for 10 minutes.” – Author unknown

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