Amish Horse Whisperer by Esther Weaver

Amish Horse Whisperer is a short and sweet novella that heavily features horses. Elizabeth Glick had two close friends in life. Paul and David. David she fell in love with and married. Whilst Paul went on a trip away, David looked after Paul’s heavily pregnant mare, Irma.

Amish Horse Whisperer by Esther Weaver
Amish Horse Whisperer by Esther Weaver

When Irma gives birth, David has an inkling that something is wrong and goes out in the freezing weather to tend to the pair. Elizabeth is against the idea, knowing it to be too cold out. And yet David goes and assists the pair, saving the foal’s life. The result is that David’s life is lost due to developing pneumonia.

As Elizabeth battles with the loss of David, Paul comes to her aid consistently. He has made a promise to David that he will look after the woman they had both grown to love.

Amish Horse Whisperer is a good mix of horses, romance and the Christian faith. Unfortunately, there were a few things that detracted from the read for me. The tense consistently changed and some sentences didn’t flow very well, making the story at times confusing.

I have read quite a few Amish novels and am learning the non English phrases as they come along. Some are easy to work out in context such as Gotte being God and gut being good. Unfortunately, although unfamiliar terms were easy to understand in other novels that I have read, this was not the case in this novella. The author could improve this by not assuming that all non English words are self explanatory. Weaving definitions into the story would really help.

I am someone who loves horse novels that are educational and correct. There was reference to David’s character giving the foal mouth to mouth to save its life. This is incorrect – horses cannot breathe through their mouth. Technically speaking, it should have said mouth to nose. Aside from these issues, the story is a quick and nice read.

Author – Esther Weaver
Fiction – adult
In my library – Indeed it is as a Kindle version!
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