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Bowen Therapy

Last year I was having a few problems with my gelding feeling sore while being worked and had it suggested by someone else who had someone out to their horse who practiced bowen therapy that I get my boy looked at when they got theirs looked at. They highly recommended the person and their technique so I agreed and after two sessions about a week or so apart he felt great.

Suitable for both horse and rider.Bowen therapy, a ‘tactile remedial therapy’ rather than massage, stimulates the body’s healing ability bringing about relief from discomfort and pain. This therapy is used on both humans and horses and is gaining interest around the world.

Because it caters to both horse and human, perhaps this is a therapy that could be learnt, a qualification earnt and then put into use to bring in an income? – a closer look at what Bowen Therapy is and where it originated from, from a site based in QLD, Australia. – Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia. – Practitioners located in Blackburn, Victoria, Australia. – course offered in New Zealand, prerequisites listed on the prospectus page. – Bowen Therapy in the US. – The Bowen Therapists European Registrar.

“Surgeons General Warning: Horses are expensive, addictive, and may impair the ability to use common sense.”

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  • Very interesting. I am going to google and see if anyone is doing this work in the US. I have long used a body worker for Abu and we recently have added an energy worker ( who just happens to be an equine writer) as well to our group of people who Abu and Tonka happy. The energy work is very interesting in the response the horse gives as the work is being done.

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