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Equidays in New Zealand

Equidays is an Equestrian Event in New Zealand | Equus Education

Equidays is an Equestrian Event in New Zealand | Equus Education

Recently I saw reference to Derriere Equestrian having had a successful time at Equidays in New Zealand.  Curious I checked out the event to find out what it was exactly.  Maybe you’re familiar with Australia’s Equitana or you know about other horse events around the world.  Well here’s another one to add to your calendars!

It’s too late for 2017, seeing as the event was run over October.  But if ever you’re planning a visit to New Zealand, perhaps you’d like to time it with the running of Equidays.  This event has an equestrian focus in particular.  As it says on their site:

“Equidays is New Zealand’s premier equine event, featuring three-plus days of exciting equestrian action.  With over 40 hours of clinics each day, elite competitions, three night shows and over 200 exhibitors, Equidays is a must for equine enthusiasts everywhere.

The four pillars of Equidays – educate, equip, empower and entertain – come together to bring you the very best in equestrian.”

The show features clinicians, dressage, show jumping and night shows.  So if you’re an equestrian fanatic, it may be worth checking out future Equidays events!  You can keep up to date on their events via Facebook  You may also be interested to know there is a South Island Edition.

Equidays Equestrian Event

If like me you love a horse event for the ability to add to your resume, then you’ll be pleased to know that they take volunteers.  The submission forms are currently closed off as the 2017 event has just happened.  You can keep it in mind for future events, however!

For those who are looking for accommodation for the event, they may be pleased to know that camping is available on site!  This may help to keep the travelling budget low 😉  Planning a trip to NZ in the next couple of years?  Why not try to date it around an Equidays event?



SPOGA Horse Autumn 2017 September

September of this year marks an international horse event that may be of interest to horse business owners! In Cologne, Germany is the SPOGA Horse Autumn festival of 2017.  It is recognised as the international trade fair for equestrian sports.  SPOGA runs from the 5th to the 7th of September.

Horse festivals are a great way to promote a product or service for the horse industry. They also raise business profile awareness and can generate international customers as well as many product sales! Equus Education has also featured details about Equitana, which is a similar horse event here in Australia.

Derriere Equestrian recently emailed me about their involvement in the SPOGA 2017 event. If you are a budding equine entrepreneur, perhaps you’d be keen to check out this event for future business promotion ideas! Or as someone who loves to travel and to see what new horse businesses have to offer, perhaps the idea of a trip to Germany in September appeals to you.

SPOGA Horse Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Either way, it would be worth making note of the SPOGA Horse event which happens on a regular basis. You may even want to create your own calendar of horse related events to keep an eye on – and attend! – as the years pass.

One event where myriads of horse people, riders, businessmen and women come together to promote themselves, their products and services and learn about others is a great networking opportunity.

Being able to attend and participate would be worth it! Or as is the case with Equitana each time it is held, you can volunteer your time and take part in helping the event to run smoothly. Perhaps this is an idea for your horse resume in the future?

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization

Whilst reading Jenifer Morrissey’s the Partnered Pony, reference was made to the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization. Otherwise known as ELPO, this is a non-profit organization. Their mission is:

‘to provide hoof care and equine care guidelines that are based upon research and the practical experiences of successful equine care professionals from around the world.’

As it states on the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization website, they consider themselves a community.

‘Welcome to a Community that is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of lameness in horses. This social network was designed to be a place where horse owners, horse enthusiasts and equine professionals can go to get help, offer assistance to others, exchange ideas, and socialize about the health & soundness of their equine companions.’

Would you Make use of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization?

Would you Make use of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization?

I love this concept! How wonderful to have a place online where people can meet, discuss ideas or raise concerns. They can help each other to learn to be better stewards of the animals in their care. In particular, in the area of hoof care.

You can become a member of ELPO for a fee. The result is that you help to fund evidence based studies as well as gain access to videos, articles, blogs and discussion forums to help aid your learning.

For those interested in ELPO events, there is an event calendar on the site. This includes details on barefoot trimming courses, as well as courses in identifying lameness and gaining certification. The education page also provides some .pdf resources for those who are after some more reading!

For those who are interested in learning more about how to care for their horses feet, check out ELPO. If you’re pursuing farriery as a horse career, then be sure to look at the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, too!

“He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.” ― Mark Helprin

Equine Business Workshops

How would you Benefit from Equine Business Workshops?

How would you Benefit from Equine Business Workshops?

Oh to be in the United Kingdom when these workshops are being run!  CAFRE have just sent out an email indicating that they will be putting on a series of workshops – equine business workshops – in the near future.  And the best bit?  They’re free!

Whenever you’re able to, make use of free educational sessions that relate to horses, business or even better – horse business!  You’re bound to pick up something you can use to better yourself or your business.

According to the email, they are providing:

A series of workshops for equine businesses in Northern Ireland that will provide information to drive your business forward. The series is suitable for all equine related businesses from riding schools and tack shops to self employed instructors, producers and farriers.

The series includes three equine business workshops:

  1. Unlocking your business potential – 11th October 2016.
  2. Marketing your “Unique Selling Point” – 1st November 2016.
  3. Keeping on the right side of the law – 10th January 2017.

Each session will take place from 7.30pm until 9.30pm at Greenmount Campus, Antrim. Registration for each event closes 7 days prior to the event. There is no fee for this course.

Interested and able to attend?  Then you can register online

Even if you’re not yet in business, but you plan to set up your own equine business, then I am sure these sessions will be valuable to you!  Plus you can network and check out potential complimenting businesses – win/win!

“He’s of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger…. he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.” ― William Shakespeare


Equine Events Planner

I wonder how many careers I can come across that could focus on a niche area of horses? 🙂  I was on Facebook and saw an advert for a course on Event Planning and immediately thought: equine events planner!

Are you the kind of person who loves attending events?  More so, do you enjoy planning and organising them?  Then perhaps you could turn this passion into a career.  Perhaps you could even turn it into an equine-focused career.  This would definitely be a niche area of the events planning industry!

Equine Events Planner: what Events would you like to Organise?

Equine Events Planner: what Events would you like to Organise?

There are many people out there who make a living from organising events for others.  They know where to look for venues to hire, which caterers to use and what decorations to add that special touch.

Why couldn’t a business be set up that does this with an equine focus?  You could cater to many different events:

  • birthdays
  • Christmas break ups
  • special race days
  • equine educational events
  • horse sales
  • the launching of a horse business
  • stud open days
  • stallion parade days

The list goes on!  There are a multitude of events that could be planned and not all of them require being in one room.  Perhaps you could help to organise an equine field trip for students or employees on behalf of an educational institution or business.

Undertaking a course on events planning and then utilising this qualification, the skills learned and potential contacts gained could help you to start up your own business.  With the right kind of marketing and a bit of brain storming, I’ve no doubt an Equine Events Planner business could be created!  Perhaps this niche area appeals to you and your skills.  Why not take the leap and pursue it?

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” – Pam Brown

Free Short Course at CAFRE

Hi everyone!  I have received this email and wanted to share:

CAFRE are holding an update on recent Advances in Equine Management at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, on Wednesday 1st June at 7:30pm.

The event offers an update on practices used to manage horses at CAFRE and on new developments in the industry.

– Do you need to worm? Could you save money with targeted worming?

o New equine tapeworm test will be demonstrated

o Faecal Worm Egg Testing

– Methods of monitoring your horse’s body weight

– New developments in the industry.

Follow this link for further information and to book your place.

Free Event – Everyone Welcome!

If you are in the area and available to attend this course, why not head along?  Free information is always worth pursuing when it comes to how you can better manage your horses.

Healthy Land, Healthy Horses Free Workshop

Well Stuart Myers is going to be about in North East Victoria at the end of November presenting another of his and Jane’s invaluable free workshops.

Run on Sunday November 29th, it is being held from 10am – 4pm in Myrtleford.  Check out the link above, but it will cover:

Learn about:

  • Horse health & welfare
  • The relationship between horses and pasture
  • Pasture management systems
  • Worm & manure management

Discover how to manage your property in such a way that:

  • Your horses can carry out more of their natural behaviours and increase their daily movement
  • You save time and money
  • Your land is managed sustainably, with improved pasture cover and soil health, and reduced erosion and run-off

If you’re in the area and have the day free, why not check it out?  Registration required!

Equine Technology Showcase in October

How I would love to attend such an event as CAFRE have emailed me about!

CAFRE would like to invite you to attend our Technology showcase day at Enniskillen Campus on Friday 9th October 2015.

The event will include a number of equine companies showcasing new technologies and science based products. The day will consist of networking opportunities, equine technology demonstrations and short updates on scientific developments in the equine sector as well as an opportunity to view the equestrian facilities at Enniskillen Campus.

Some of the companies attending are listed below:


Handheld blood analyser for infections and inflammation.


Thermal imaging for detection of injury or illness.


Stable management software.


Ice-Vibe therapy boots to promote circulation and healing.

EFEC Nutrition

Faecal egg counts for parasite control.

Smart Bunker

Feed storage system.

Bluegrass Horse Feeds

Gro-Trac – Equine growth monitoring software.


Light therapy for breeding mares.

Simple Feeder

Automatic feeder system.

Irish Equine Centre

Equine diagnostics and disease prevention.

The afternoon will be a networking opportunity for everyone involved in the equine industry and will also be open to the public. Registration will open at 1pm with lunch available to purchase from 12pm. Everyone welcome.

The event is free but please register online at Eventbrite by following this link.

“A life without horses, is like taking a breath without air.” – Author unknown

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Managing Your Land for Horses

Saw this up in Wangaratta Coles and Kmart tonight!

Free event featuring:

  1. Dr. Alison Arnott (Veterinarian)
  2. Dr. Mark Barnett (Pasture Specialist)
  3. Belinda Pearce (Dung Beetle Specialist)

Sunday 2nd August, RSVP by July 29 to Gayle South or 0448 983 109.

11am – 3pm, free – lunch included!

47 Bowmans Road, Bowmans Forest (between Everton and Gapsted)

Free Online Equine Breeding Course

I’ve recently finished another free short course with CAFRE and they’ve sent out an email to advise of when their next course is on offer! Have an interest in equine reproduction? Then you may want to check out their next free course, being run in April:

We would like to let you know that we are running another online course in April titled An Introduction Equine Breeding. This is a re run of the course which we ran in 2014. This free online workshop covering Equine Breeding will start on 22nd April 2015 and will run over three weeks. Subjects covered include Gestation and Pregnancy Detection, Broodmare Health and Foaling.

Participants must enrol online by Wednesday 15th April

Follow this link to enrol online

Once you have logged in to the CAFRE website you must enrol on the Introduction to Equine Breeding – online delivery 1 course. You will then receive an email containing an enrollment reference number.

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent joining instructions a couple of days before the course starts on Wednesday 22nd April. If you do not receive this email please contact us.

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