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Come to Grief

The author of 41 novels, Dick Francis is a name that has only really become familiar to me over the past couple of years.  I found a hard back cover of Shattered for sale at a cheap price and the interesting story that revolved around a glass blower had me curious until the end.

I now have 24 of his 41 novels and will eventually have them all in my library.

Come to Grief cover.Come to Grief focuses on the jumps jockey turned investigator, Sid Halley who it seems has bitten off more than he can chew when accusing a close friend of some horrific horse related crimes.  Of the half dozen or so books I’ve read by Dick Francis, the hero of the story is of course someone you’re hoping will catch the villain in the end.

Despite being the ‘good guy’, it isn’t all easy and Francis does a good job of making his main characters real, likable and flawed.

Giving you the ‘whodunit’ at the start of this novel, it was a great read to discover alongside Sid Halley, how to prove the guilt of the accused and how things pieced together.

Although focused around racing in the UK, the book lists famous race courses such as Flemington, Churchill Downs, Longchamps, opening the reader’s eyes to famous tracks around the world.  Although not particularly a horse novel, these gorgeous animals are the victim of the crime the book entails.

Although not particularly horsey, the book does focus on the lifestyles of racegoers and owners and is a very entertaining read.

Author: Dick Francis
Fiction – Crime.
In My Library? Definitely.  Not full on horse related; a great read and one I’d be happy to let any age child or adolescent read through without fear of them reading something inappropriate.

Interested in non fiction books that may be worth adding to your equine library?  Take a look at Lori’s Library of Horse Book Reviews.

“In the trojan horse story man entered and touched the inside of a horse, but to see a horse in high spirits is to have the horse enter and touch the inside of a man.”

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