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Creating Unique Equine Services

I stopped in to visit a mate the other day who’s been house bound due to a fall from a horse and a nasty concussion! We got to talking about other mates who had studied at TAFE with us and equine futures.

She told me of a friend of hers who has set up a business of her own, alongside being a vet nurse (equine and small animal). I was delighted to discover that she’s created her own horse related service called ‘EquiCARE’.

The general idea? If you can’t be there for your horse at a particular time when it’s needed, she can! Consider:

  • Needing to be around for the farrier but you have work – why not pay someone who has horse experience to be there for you?
  • Your horse has hurt itself and needs bandages changed daily
  • In the changeable weather you need rugs on/off but have other commitments at that time

The bonus of course for EquiCARE is that she is a qualified veterinary nurse, with a lot of horse experience. This provides added trust when it comes to having someone change bandages for you because you don’t have the time or the knowledge and experience to carry out such a task. It can get quite costly to have a vet come in every other day to change a bandage on a wound!

Hearing about this setup reminded me of a student of mine from last year who looks after people’s horses whilst they’re away on holidays. There really is a multitude of equine related jobs out there, and many still to be created!

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