Dangerous Journey by Rosemary Simmonds

This children’s book is made up of eleven different short stories revolving around horses. Each of the stories features a young horse rider or owner as the main person in the story. This helps to make the stories relatable to young readers.

Dangerous Journey by Rosemary Simmonds
Dangerous Journey by Rosemary Simmonds

Keeping things interesting, the stories are varied. They cover boisterous ponies, those who misbehave, searches for the right dressage horse and even a horse rescue. The location of the stories varies too. You’re invited to travel with riders across plains in South Africa where antelope and zebras aren’t uncommon. Then you travel to England where ponies gallop across fields. And on further again to Germany and some beautiful dressage horses. The topics of carriage driving, playing polo and competing horses are all covered, too.

The short stories covered in this book collection include:

  • Dangerous Journey
  • The Empty Field
  • Catch as Catch Can
  • Rustlers on the Moor
  • Count Your Blessings
  • The Lie
  • Coming Up Trumps
  • A Spectacular Pony
  • Circus Tricks
  • Champions
  • The Search

Rosemary Simmonds does a great job of depicting a variety of horses within each of the short stories. Horse information is correct and written in nicely. One story I struggled to comprehend when a young girl spent all her savings bidding on a pony and then told her parents! Other than this, the stories are quite believable and a great mixture of adventures that can happen when you own and ride horses.

All the stories contained within Dangerous Journey provide great descriptions of the characters and also the places where they feature. The words are followed up nicely with beautiful illustrations by four different illustrators.

Author: Rosemary Simmonds
Fiction – children
In my library? Yes!  I picked it up second hand in an op shop 🙂
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