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Death Reins In

So the local newsagency has this big trolley out the front with $5 books and I can’t help but have a look any time I’m in town and wandering past. A few days ago I found a multitude of Dick Francis books – but couldn’t for the life of me remember if I had them already!

So, I opted out on buying any more of those but did stumble across a horse lover’s mystery series by Michele Scott.

Death Reins In, Michele ScottRecently written, there are currently two books to the series. Death Reins In follows on from the first in the series, Saddled With Trouble. The series focuses around horse owner, lover and trainer, Michaela Bancroft.

Michaela trains reining horses, something that she became passionate about due to the encouragement of long time friend Audrey Pratt. Attending some Quarter Horse races with Audrey, Michaela suddenly finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder mystery – that of her close friend Audrey.

Having recently lost her uncle and solved the mystery involving his death, Michaela finds herself searching for answers with regards to her dead friend and colleague.

Death Reins In shows a good knowledge of horses, Quarter Horses in particular, with the informative writing style from Michele Scott really helping the reader to learn as they progress in this mystery.

The story is an entertaining read, informative and keeps you wanting to read until the end – I spent the afternoon the devouring the book, not going to bed until it was finished.

I haven’t read any books that focus on the Quarter Horse breed which made this series refreshing. The focus on a thirty something year old woman running her own business and focused on being an honest contribution to society was also refreshing. A great read.

Author: Michele Scott
Fiction – Murder Mystery
In my library? Along with Saddled With Trouble. I’ll have to get the third in the series, Tacked to Death, also.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“They can turn on a dime and toss you back nine cents change, the American Quarter Horse.”

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