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Equestrian Life Coaching

So a lot of people in business are familiar with life coaches these days.  They seem to have created themselves a little niche.  Well, to take things further, you can specifically get a horse related life coach!

Whatever one's link is with horses, goals are a great idea. Photo by Kathie Thomas ( riding can be a full time career in today’s society, it’s not so surprising that others have made a career out of coaching riders.

Chances are that they don’t just coach those wanting to become professionals either.  Even learning to have fun on your horse while being safe can be goals to work towards that can be progressed with the aid of a coach.

Whether one is looking into coaching – and the sort that is specifically related to the equestrian – or looking to acquire a horse related life coach, there are a couple of qualities that should stand out.

The equestrian life coach should:

  • have experience with horses
  • be familiar with the stresses of competition and peak performance
  • have skills, experience and/or qualifications with regards to coaching
  • be familiar with the psychology of people and/or horses

Perhaps the best horse coach is the one who has been there, done that.  This doesn’t necessarily make them good at communicating with others how to achieve their goals, however.  The successful life coach is a true people person.

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“Show me your horse and I will show you what you are.” – British proverb

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