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EquiSoft – Horse Software Systems

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who made reference to using the EquiSoft system at a place they worked.  According to their website, EquiSoft provide:

Horse Management Systems designed by experts in both bloodstock and technology

Furthermore, they can boast clients such as Shadwell Stud, the Irish National Stud, Coolmore and the Aga Khan.  Wow!

EquiSoft Live is a horse management system that they have developed.  It is available live online.  What does this mean to business owners?  That they can access much needed information anywhere, anytime – as long as they have the internet.  Great!

There are many horse software programs out their for businesses to use.  The ones that are accessible from anywhere you can use the internet, are a step ahead of those that you need to install on a computer.

Those that are designed by people who know software systems and also the horse industry are a step ahead again.

EquiSoft - do you have a Horse Management Software you use?

EquiSoft – do you have a Horse Management Software you use?

EquiSoft is able to provide software for horse and stud management and for racing administration.  Important sides of the thoroughbred industry are covered by both of these different areas being catered to.

Software to manage horses is becoming more and more available online.  However, finding software that aptly caters to what the horse industry needs can be difficult for some.  Having software that is made by those who know the industry is obviously of benefit to the horse business owner.

EquiSoft, Horse Management Software

Whether you’re a business owner looking for software to better manage your horse business or you’re someone looking for a business idea in the horse industry: have you considered horse management software?  There are many forms of management software that are available that can make a manager’s life easier.  There are also many companies out there that could make use of another passionate staff member!  Or, if you have the know how, you could develop your own software for a niche area of the equine industry.


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