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Female Race Callers

So I was flicking through the current (August) edition of the Royal Auto and was drawn to an article titled, ‘Her True Calling‘ by Alistair Smith.  Focused around Victoria Shaw, the piece gives a small insight into Australia’s first female race caller.

Practicing on Horses Racing in the Paddock can Hone one's Skills.

What is a race caller?  Perhaps others might refer to them as commentators – the person who (very quickly) enlightens listeners and watchers to the position of horses throughout the duration of a horse race.

At this point in time, race calling is a male dominated area so I found this article to be of particular interest.

Perhaps you have an interest in pursuing such a position as well as a passion and knowledge of racing horses, be it trotters, pacers or the gallops.

Take a look at Talk the Talk and Profile On: Travis Stone, Race Caller.

Sometimes breaking into a particular field can be daunting – especially if it hasn’t been done before with regards to a particular gender, age or country.  But who’s to say it can’t be done?

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