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Friday Feature: Author

I’ve been considering the idea of featuring a different horse related career each week.  Equus Blog has explored over 130 different horse related careers, so I thought now might be the time to work through the different careers, highlighting facts about them.  Starting with the letter A, it is timely for me to consider being an equine author! 🙂

A Dream Realised: me with my First Novel, Horse Country Released July 1, 2013.

An equine author is someone who gets paid to write fiction or non fiction on the topic of horses.  This may include:

  • comics
  • short stories
  • stand alone novels
  • a series
  • bibliographies
  • poems
  • articles
  • or much more

This may be a position that is able to be carried out full or part time and from home or anywhere where you have access to pen and paper – or as is more common these days – a computer!

If you are interested in this form of equine related career, I encourage you to take a look at the following posts that have been put together on this blog specifically related to writing:

If you love writing but know that your spelling and grammar need improving, or perhaps need ways to encourage motivation to write, short courses on writing can also be worth looking into.  Writing I believe should be done with purpose – whether to inform, inspire or invoke amusement, you should do so because you enjoy it!

“The symbol of wide open spaces and freedom, synonymous with nature is a mechanised world, the horse … feeds our imagination.” – Bertrand Leclair

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