Good Enough

Shay James is a fourteen year old girl who has been bumped through different foster homes, finding that the main constants in her life are loneliness and disappointment. In spite of this, Shay has found a place where she feels she belongs – in the local stable. Able to trade her labour for free lessons, Shay is concerned when her social worker raises questions about the safety of the stables for a young teen.

Good Enough a Shay James Mystery by Brenda McCreight

Some fast talking from herself and her foster mother result in the teen being left alone – and the stables. An attack on the elderly gentleman who owns the stables results in the horses potentially being sold and Shay not allowed to visit with the horses in the mean time.

Keen to solve the mystery of who attacked Mr. Fletcher, Shay finds her earlier life of growing up with drug dealing parents bodes her in good stead for dealing with some more unsavoury characters. Alongside the help of her younger foster sister and friend Grace from school, the three girls take matters into their own hands in a desperate attempt to stop the horses from being sold.

Good Enough a Shay James Mystery is a down to earth tale of three young girls wanting their life to be more than good enough. In spite of the age of the main characters, some of the themes within the novel have me questioning if it is suitable for the younger reader. The writing isn’t too graphic, but I’m not sure I’d want young teens reading about people doing drugs and pornography.

Author: Brenda McCreight
Fiction – teen
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“I live in a house but my home is in the stable.” – Author unknown

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