Headed for the Win

I was recently sent a copy of this book to read and review and really enjoyed it!  Headed for the Win focuses around 17 year old Nadia Wells.

Headed for the Win by Rachael Eliker

Nadia is obviously horse obsessed – the opening lines detail how many routes there are that she can take locally, to bypass horses!  With some help from her mother, Nadia secures a working student position at a local prestigious stable.

Although most of her knowledge is book based, Nadia takes to the role immediately and her instructor is surprised to find that the teen has a natural talent.  So natural in fact, she is insistent that Nadia purchases a horse and starts competing.

This is out of the question – horses cost too much – but an elderly benefactor is found and Nadia finds herself suddenly the owner of a dream horse.  As she works hard to develop as a rider, Nadia finds herself drawn also to the young man who carries out odd jobs around the farm.

Mike is cute, sweet and likes horses – what more could a girl want?  Unfortunately for Nadia, another girl named Gretchen seems to have her eye on him.  Gretchen is rich, gorgeous and a talented rider.  Nadia questions how she can compete with this, even as she and Mike grow closer.

A chance story with a man named Chuck and a freak occurrence suddenly turn everything around and Nadia wonders if the world will ever be right again.  Headed for the Win is an interesting, amusing and delightful read.  Recommended.

Author: Rachael Eliker
Fiction – teen or adult
In My Library? Gifted as an ebook, so yes!
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“Horses give us the wings we lack.” – Author unknown

2 thoughts on “Headed for the Win”

    1. I really enjoyed this book.. being a horse lover, as well as a rider, I was engrossed in the books adventures and could not put it down. This story, put me IN the Book!! LOVED IT!!!

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