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Horse Country Release Day

Horse Country – A World of Horses by Christine Meunier

Hi everyone!  Allow me a self plug today as it’s the release day of my novel Horse Country – A World of Horses!

There are different links for your hard copy version, eBook and Kindle editions – enjoy!

Purchase at

Amazon Kindle:

For those who purchase a copy of Horse Country – A World of Horses today, I have some horse businesses that are offering discounts and giveaways!  Once you’ve purchased your copy, grab the receipt number and head on over to Horse Country Release to find out more!

““You know what I’ve decided mum? From now on, I’ll have them all call me Wes.”
“Wez?” her mother clarified.
”W. E. S – work experience slave. None of them could remember my name and I fear it’ll be the same for each of my placements,” she stated cheerfully.” – from Horse Country by Christine Meunier

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