Horse Raid – the Making of a Warrior

Horse Raid by Paul Goble

This short story by Paul Goble is a great introduction to the world of Native American tribes. Told and illustrated by Paul, Horse Raid is a new edition of the 1973 story Lone Bull’s Horse Raid.

The story is fast paced and details the excitement and fear of a 14 year old boy eager to join in on the horse raids of the men of his tribe. An author’s note is provided, detailing the history of horse raids between Native American tribes, where raiding another tribe’s horses is seen as the most heroic of acts carried out by men.

Less than 50 pages in length, Horse Raid is an entertaining short story.  It is told from the point of view of young Lone Bull, as he and his friend Charging Bear decide to stalk the older men who are taking on a raid with their nearby enemies, the Crows.

Author and illustrator: Paul Goble
Fiction – children
In my library? Electronically. I’m sure it’d be a great book for younger readers who will also delight in the illustrations.
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“The hooves of a horse! Oh! Witching and sweet is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet; no whisper of love, no trilling of bird, can stir me as hooves of the horse have stirred.” – Will H. Ogilvie

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