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I was chatting with a client at the riding school yesterday who had recently had a bit to do with some beautiful, well trained horses. You know, the kind that rears, lies down, counts on command? And of course, it doesn’t hurt when they’re a Friesian or some other absolutely gorgeous breed!

I’ve recently stumbled across some sites about people who train horses like this and do even more amazing feats with their gorgeous equine friends. I guess I see it as ‘trick training’ .

This can be utilised in live horse shows, circus acts, equine events (like Equitana) and television programs and movies.   The Silver Brumby, The Horse Whisperer, Flicker, The Saddle Club are a few that come to mind.  Never mind countless other classics! If this type of training interests you, perhaps you’ll want to research those who already provide this form of service/entertainment and training and pursue work with them. – take a look at the gorgeous horses on this site and what’s achieved with them.

“To me, horses and freedom are synonymous.” – Veryl Goodnight

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