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Horse Sitting

So one of my students is actually undertaking an equine course to gain a qualification to attract clients.  What does she do?  Look after people’s horses for them whilst they’re away on holidays – what a great idea!

At this point I only have one horse, and that is enough to worry about when I’m heading overseas!  To know that there is someone who can come into the property and deal with rugging and unrugging, checking waters, feeding and turning out horses and mucking out would be great!

Of course, there are places where perhaps you could send your horses and have them looked after.  But to have someone come to me, that’d be something I’d be up for!  I haven’t grilled this person for information, but thought it unique and another worth mentioning.

“If anybody expects to calm a horse down by tiring him out with riding swiftly and far, his supposition is the reverse of the truth.” – Xenophon

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