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Horsely Online Horse Products Store

Recently I was contacted by one of the founders of Horsely to see if I might receive a product from them in exchange for a review.  Now when it comes to books, my answer is always a yes.  However, keeping in theme with Equus Education, I had to decline for these (very nice) equestrian and lifestyle products with a focus on horses.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t put together a blog post to let you know about the Horsely online horse products store, though!

According to the co-founder of Horsely, they

“aim to provide horse lover’s with high-quality, price-competitive products to meet their equestrian & lifestyle needs.”

Horsely Online Horse Products Store | Equus Education

Horsely Online Horse Products Store | Equus Education

A look at their website shows that these guys have a nice collection of horse themed items.  There are braided belts, horse watches for men and women, some gorgeous pillow covers and even horseshoe pendants.  There’s also a great range of horse related clothing.

The products vary in price with some items around $20, while others are up around the $100 mark.  Most of the horse pillow cases caught my eye – there are some beautiful images portrayed on them!

Having an online store can save you a lot of money, therefore increasing your profit margin when you make a sale.  You don’t have to hire store space and pay someone to be in the store for a set number of hours.  Instead, you can set up an online process that automatically deals with orders.  Then they just need to be packaged and posted to the person who has already paid for them.

Of course, there is the added cost for buyers of paying for shipping.  And they need to know about your site to find it online in the first place.  But with some clever marketing, hosting a website for an online store could be quite lucrative.  Of course, you would need to store your products somewhere for when people purchase them.  So this would need to be catered to.

Then again, if you sold digital products… You know, horse courses, eBooks and the like, then you wouldn’t need to pay for storage at all!  But you would be looking at the need for higher bandwidth as people download content directly from your site.

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