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Horseman’s Jingle by Jerry Williams

I love reading horse books that give me ideas about other horse ventures people are participating in. I have been able to learn about a third horse business idea through Jenifer Morrissey’s book, the Partnered Pony. This time the focus was on the Horseman’s Jingle by Jerry Williams.

Now to me, a jingle is a little song that you might hear, advertising a product. But according to Jerry’s website, it indicates:

Taken from the great basin term, jingle, for gathering horses, The Horseman’s Jingle is the place where aspiring horsemen gather to learn, encourage, and support one another.

The Horseman’s Jingle - Have you Heard of it?

The Horseman’s Jingle – Have you Heard of it?

I love this idea! There is so much that we can learn from each other. We can also help others to be accountable for their actions, their words and even their aspirations. As Jenifer points out in her book:

Horseman’s Jingle founder Jerry Williams suggests that sometimes it’s better to invest a little time in ourselves because in the end we’ll be better partners for our equines. He emphasizes that 80% of success is mental; it isn’t always about ‘doing.’

Jerry promotes himself on his site as a mindset and communication strategist. I love that he uses horses to do this! He aptly says, ‘Everything starts with a thought… Make it count.’ We definitely need to hold our thoughts captive and make sure they’re positive and proactive. Interested in knowing more about what Jerry does? You can check out his website.

Focusing on the philosophy of true horsemanship developing from the inside of a person, out, the website boasts online courses, MasterClass clinics as well as private and group coaching. It is set up to help people stay on track (focused), to encourage them to develop new skills and to build upon what is already known.

“Horses are calmer than people. They also don’t throw things at cats.” ― Tamora Pierce

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