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Importing Horses

This guy at a national stud in France had me seriously liking the look of the Barb breed!

So a friend of mine is keen to further encourage a breed that isn’t very common in Australia and we’ve been talking of future plans once she has enough saved to import.

She also expressed an interest in writing a booklet for those new to this particular breed which I think is a great idea.

Have you thought of importing a particular breed that has better bloodlines elsewhere or isn’t easy to acquire in your area? When looking at horses as a business, there are many things to consider:

  • How much is the horse going to cost?
  • What are quarantine regulations and time restraints?
  • Will the horse cope with your local environment?
  • How will you get the breed of horse known in your local vicinity?
  • Will you buy a horse in the flesh, import semen or send your mare overseas to be bred to a stallion?

Food for thought!  I’m excited about this future prospect and can’t wait until I’m in a position to consider importing horses and breed my own in the future 🙂

“Poverty is another word for owning a horse…”

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