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Is Your Role What You Want It To Be?

What do You Want Your Role to be?

What do You Want Your Role to be?

A rather amusing picture shared on facebook made me have a think about my role with horses.  The picture aptly shows different roles with horses depending on who is picturing what you do as a horse owner.

It got me thinking – what is my role with horses and what do I want it to be?

At the moment my role physically with horses is limited due to recovering from a head injury.  However, my role writing about horses (which I LOVE) is continuing and I can honestly say that my previous role with horses has been what I want:

  • gaining experience and learning new skills
  • travel to Ireland, France and South Africa
  • playing outside with mares and foals
  • putting horses through the sale ring in Australia
  • writing about horses and generating a small income from this
  • teaching about horses

Is your role with horses what you want it to be?  If not – what are you doing to work towards what you want?

If you aren’t sure of what you want, consider checking out the ‘Profile On‘ category to see what horse related roles are available and some advice from those already doing it.  You may also like to check out ‘Vocation 100‘ a list of over 100 different equine related jobs that I’ve written blog posts on.  Enjoy!

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