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Learn about Horses by Kathy Mann

I recently downloaded Learn about Horses by Kathy Mann as a free download on Amazon.  This book is a quick and easy read with lovely coloured illustrations by Carol Berger to engage the younger reader.

Learn About Horses by Kathy Mann | Equus Education

Learn About Horses by Kathy Mann | Equus Education

The book starts with a reminder that horses can be dangerous animals.  If anyone is to ride them, they should seek the help of a professional to learn.  That covered, the book goes on to explain many simple concepts that need to be known by horse riders.  It talks about how horses come in different sizes and colours and how they are gregarious by nature.

Equipment to handle horses and manage them effectively is also explored.  Readers are treated to illustrations of a halter and lead rope.  They are also shown how to put it on and where to lead the horse from.  Clean stables and appropriate fencing is also covered.  This is followed by information about what horses eat and drink as well as who tends to their physical health needs.  Brushes used to groom them are illustrated and the bridle and saddle are explained with various points identified.

The statements in Learn about Horses are short and simple, easy to understand and also remember.  They are also backed up with an appropriate illustration.  This further helps young readers to comprehend the point being made.

Learn about Horses is a simple and effective read, written at an appropriate level for young horse fans.  This non fiction read would be a valuable addition to the collection for the young enthusiastic horse lover.

Author – Kathy Mann
Non Fiction – children’s
In my library – as an eBook it is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.


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