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Making Use of Those Ribbons

So I took part in Pony Club for four or so years over high school and in the two gymkhanas I took part in, acquired a nice sum of ribbons. They’re currently hiding in my wardrobe but thanks to an episode of the Saddle Club (in which the ribbons had been turned into something akin to a throw rug over the back of a couch) I’ve been thinking how appropriate that will be for the recreation room/library I plan on having on my agistment property when I get it.

The idea’s been sitting on the back burner but having read a post at A Good Horse, it came to mind again and the idea listed on this blog looks even better than what I had in mind! The writer has provided a link to someone who has made a profit out of putting old ribbons together for a better use. Take a look at

Ribbons from Pony ClubGreat idea, huh? I was thinking I’d just get the older sister to sew mine together…
She made the horse quilt in the background which covers my bed.  Now I just need to chase up someone to help out with the horse mural I want to have in the rec room. Ridiculous – my far from being bought property is all planned, in my head!

“He has galloped through young girls dreams, added richness to grown woman’s lives, and served men in war and strife.” – Toni Robinson

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