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Mastering Horses

I work with a couple of extremely intelligent women at my new job, it seems.  Two weekends ago I was chatting with one who’s to go back to studying this year to complete her Masters.

It turns out she’s been focusing on science and the reproduction of horses.  Curious to know how you can do a Masters relating to horses, I questioned how many years of science had to be completed before she actually got to start studying in relation to horses.

Two years of straight science before a sign of studying horses but now she’s to be working on a piece that looks at the environment of the mare’s uterus while pregnant and the link between the gender of the foal.

How exciting!  She has a theory that she will spend the next couple of years studying and writing up and quite possibly proving to be right.

If you have a passion for sciences and the physiology of horses – that is, how their systems work – maybe something in this direction could be of interest.  Especially if you have an academic mind, love to write and have your own theory about why things work a particular way in a horse’s system.

“Here lies the body of my good horse, The General. For years he bore me around the circuit of my practice and all that time he never made a blunder. Would that his master could say the same.” – John Tyler’s epitaph for his horse

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