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Mixing Horses and the Internet

If you have a passion for horses and are rather computer savvy, you may choose to combine the two and offer website design services for those in the horse industry.

It’s possible to focus on providing a service for horse studs for example by first checking out other sites that advertise horse studs.  You should do so to view that which is common on these sites/possible pages that you could create.

For example – pedigrees pages (on mares or stallions standing at stud); photo pages (consider the use of thumbnails as this means the page in general will load a lot faster); a contact page; history of the property; services provided and general pricing.

To provide the service of website design, it would be beneficial to have knowledge of HTML, cascading style sheets, PHP or a program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver.  Blogs are also a great way for an equine personality to get their thoughts ‘on paper’ and share with an interested audience worldwide.  Knowledge and use of blogger or wordpress would benefit in this area.

If familiar with graphics, perhaps a program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, then this is even better.  A lot of people can offer website design but don’t necessarily have skills when it comes to working with photos or creating graphics.

Once the site is created, the key is to keep people coming back.  This is easier done with up to date content; a spaced out/easy to read site and no clashing colours.  Active links to sites that contain information that compliments your site can also be beneficial.

Some horse relatedÂpeople and businesses that may benefit from having a website include farriers, studs, instructors, authors, speakers, vet practices and many more.

“Ten ways to get in shape to own a horse… Lie face down in the mud in your most expensive riding clothes and repeat to yourself: ‘This is a learning experience, this is a learning experience…'”


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