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Modern Day Pen to Paper

Before the Internet if we had something we wanted to write and more importantly that we believed others should or would want to read then it was a question of getting that piece or pieces in print and advertising the availability of the said information. So perhaps a large input (of time/money), for a small return (readers).

These days you can post on any given topic on the Internet and have 1000s, 10s of thousands or countless more view this information. If you have a passion for writing and more importantly, love to write fact filled pieces about horses then consider looking at

They are looking for people to write on a particular subject that they are an expert in and to provide pieces on a monthly basis. Although not paid work, this is a chance to get recognised as a writer for a particular field (perhaps dressage, breeding horses, western riding or a myriad of possibilities).  And, if you write on top of providing a service to the equine world then there is a chance to advertise your business to a unique 7,000 people that visit Equine Post each month.

For those of you familiar with affiliate programs and making money through banner/link advertising (which can be a great passive income once built up), there is a chance to make a profit from this as well as having your pieces read by many. Check out Equine Post if this appeals at all. You could just be the next expert everyone’s waiting to hear from.

“Horse Terminology… Flashy = White Socks.”

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