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Networking at the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sales

Depending on the field of horse work your interested in getting into, different events may catch your eye.  For those interested in working in the thoroughbred industry, or just looking to gain some hands on horse experience in an industry that can get you work almost anywhere around the world, attending a yearling sale could be particularly beneficial.

So if you’re near to the Melbourne area at the start of March, why not consider attending the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sales?  It’s open to the public and will be just swarming with people already involved in the industry:

  • Buyers and sellers of horses
  • Managers of farms
  • Auctioneers and bloodstock agents
  • Stud hands
  • Horse riders

Perhaps you may stumble across a stud that is looking for extra hands for the weaning season, or the Autumn Yearling Sales, also at the same complex.  Be sure to check out the main entrance area where free sale catalogues are available, as well as an array of advertising material from many studs – this may help in chasing up some future work and contacts!

The catalogue of pedigrees will at least help you to ascertain which studs are selling large numbers and may be in need of an extra pair of hands.  Don’t bypass those selling a horse or three though, they may be more willing to invest the time in an equine enthusiast keen on gaining some experience.

Sale details:

  • 3 – 6 of March (and a couple of days prior for viewing sale stock)
  • People tend to be milling around from 8am if looking to check out what’s available for sale; or after 10am if just interested in a look
  • 285 Oaklands Road, Oaklands Junction VIC 3063

“Horse terminology! Must Sell = Wife has left home and taking kids.”

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