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No More Horses

Probably twelve months ago I stumbled across a book by Joyce Stranger in an Op Shop called Breed of Giants. Spotting the gorgeous draught horses on the cover I decided to buy it, not having heard of this author before.

No More Horses, Joyce StrangerJust recently I stumbled across another of her works, No More Horses which is based around young veterinarian, Timothy Yorke.

Having recently become a partner with Sara in a stable, Tim struggles to find time to help with a mare that Sara has purchased at a sale. It’s been a year since he joined his first veterinary practice and Tim is finding life is still moving at an incredibly fast pace.

Sara purchased the mare due to her poor condition and the sickly foal at foot. It’s only after her moment of compassion that she realises the task ahead of her trying to raise the pair. This is especially difficult due to the mare not being trusting of humans.

No More Horses depicts the busy, tiring, but exciting life of a young vet alongside having animals of his own. Despite being fictional, the story is quite informative and opens the reader’s eye to possible problems that can arise with horses and other animals and the downside of ungrateful and neglectful owners.

The book is fast paced and quite a light read, being informative as much as it is humorous. It’d possibly appeal to those in their mid to late teens entertaining the idea of working with animals.

Author: Joyce Stranger
In my library? That it is and I’d be more than happy to add any more works by Joyce Stranger to the list.
Want it? Get it now at Amazon.

“They told me that when I bought a horse I would meet lots of new people. I did, and every one of them is holding out their hands for money – the farrier, the saddler, the vet, etc.”

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