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Pony Parties… Again

No doubt any horse related party should involve a horse and a saddle!

So whilst on LinkedIn, I was looking at suggested people to connect with.  One was the owner at The Mane Event Pony Parties.  Curious, I entered a search into Google to find out a bit more.

Now I’ve struggled to get the website that I found for this business to work, but you can read a bit about it here.  Another site I found was Austin Pony Parties.

I was first introduced to the idea of a pony party whilst instructing at the Melbourne Horse Riding School, formerly Melbourne School of Pony Equitation.  It wasn’t uncommon to run a pony party or three for birthdays or school holidays.

What could a pony party entail?  Take at look at an equus-blog post from 2008, Pony Parties.

These could provide a great side business to a riding school, or perhaps a possible cash flow earner for someone who breeds ponies or is looking to start up a small business that is equine related.

“Here is one little girl who would rather clean a stall than her own room… Here is one little girl who would rather wear chaps than a party dress… Here is one little girl who would rather go to the barn than the mall…”


Interested in other equine related careers?  Check out Vocation 100 – over 100 horse related jobs are explored here.

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